Guide for the Perplexed: Which ClickerExpo is right for me?

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There are two ClickerExpo programs available in 2016 — Reno, NV and Cincinnati, OH — as well as a Fall 2015 program in the UK. Which one makes sense for you? Answer the five questions below and your choice will become much clearer!

  1. Are you date-constrained? Warwickshire: October 23-25, 2015; Reno: January 22-24, 2015; Cincinnati: March 18-20, 2016. If only one date works, then skip right to registration for that conference. Unless you are a horse trainer, then whoa… see question #2 first!
  2. Are you trying to learn about horse training primarily? If so, Cincinnati is the better choice because there will be more faculty members and programming related to horse training. Equine-focused courses can be found in the fourth column of the Cincinnati conference schedule (labeled EQ for equine). Can’t make it to Cincinnati? Our other locations will still be valuable because the science, principles, and basic practices of clicker training apply across species.
  3. Should you go to two? That’s actually a great idea if you can swing it. It makes sense especially if you make a living as a trainer and you also want to learn more about horse training the clicker way. In Reno you will get more of the former and in Cincinnati more of the latter. It also makes sense if you are new to clicker training, because you can concentrate on foundation courses in Reno and take more advanced courses in Cincinnati.
  4. Are you interested in business-related courses for professional trainers? If you are, then Reno is the better choice. There are faculty members and programming in Reno dedicated to helping you launch and market your business. In both Reno and Cincinnati, you’ll find ample material about teaching others, so content focused on teaching doesn’t need to be a factor in your decision.
  5. Are you living in Western Europe? ClickerExpo Warwickshire will save you the most in travel—and give you the ClickerExpo experience with a laser focus on science, training, and behavior. Then, come to the US in the winter or spring!

There you have it! Not so perplexing after all. Registration is now open for Reno, Cincinnati, and Warwickshire!