ClickerExpo Reno Hits the Jackpot!

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Reno, Nevada, was the site where we launched the first “six-track” ClickerExpo conference—and we hit the jackpot! The program, which featured six simultaneous learning opportunities in each time slot (almost 80 courses over the weekend), was a huge hit with more than 500 attendees. How do we know? Because YOU told us! More than half of those attending turned in surveys (thank you!) where they were asked to describe their experiences qualitatively. Despite the unanticipated challenges of an event held in a large resort-style casino hotel, nearly every attendee (98%!) who turned in a survey gave ClickerExpo the equivalent of two thumbs up. The largest group of attendees described their experience as “wow!” and the second largest group described ClickerExpo as “really good!”

Why are people saying "Wow?"

The wealth of knowledge in one place, so accessible to all, was incredible.

First, ClickerExpo satisfaction owes a lot to an incredibly talented and committed faculty. The ClickerExpo faculty members rank among the top trainers in the world, and for the three days of the conference they dedicate themselves to sharing their brilliance and wisdom. What is unique is what happens in between the faculty-led Sessions and Labs: an open connection among the faculty members and attendees, which can be seen in the halls, at the lunch tables, and during networking events. Here are a few attendee comments about our faculty:

  • “The wealth of knowledge in one place, so accessible to all, was incredible.”
  • “This is an amazing opportunity to learn from the best in the business in their particular fields of expertise.”
  • “Great place to see many great trainers in a short span of time.”
You can’t help but become a better animal trainer.

Second, the breadth of information available cannot be found anywhere else. With six simultaneous Sessions and Learning Labs, at ClickerExpo there is plenty of opportunity for trainers to strengthen their skills and broaden their perspective—no matter what their interest or skill level.

  • “The quality and quantity of information presented in one place is unbeatable. You can’t help but become a better animal trainer.”
  • “I’m inspired to train some goats, teach my dog to count, and teach my other dog precision healing. Very exciting!”
  • “Brought three friends with me who had never been before. All three left excited and energized about taking their training—both for canine sports and for reducing problem behaviors—to a new level.”
ClickerExpo is like a shot of courage to carry on, continue with the message.

Third, the intimate atmosphere and supportive culture of ClickerExpo creates a unique educational experience. From the way faculty members teach, to the way participants go out of their way to help each other learn, ClickerExpo is clearly a different sort of conference.

  • “I learned so much and met so many incredible people. I came away from the weekend feeling inspired and motivated, and feeling a sense of support and community.”
  • “The community of like-minded people is rejuvenating and encouraging. When we are isolated by the small number of R+ trainers in different areas of the country, it can be difficult to find the positive and not feel discouraged. ClickerExpo is like a shot of courage to carry on, continue with the message. It makes it feel like there is a growing community that can support one another.”
  • “Not only are the speakers brilliant, but the attendees are so welcoming and really make you feel like you are part of a great community.”

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A great community indeed! We’d like to extend a gigantic thank you to our fantastic faculty members and staff, as well as to all our fantastic attendees! It takes a “Wow” group of people to make a “Wow” event!

Join Us at ClickerExpo 2016
Cincinnati, OH, March 18-20

Didn’t make it to Reno? No worries, we’ll be doing it again in only 49 days—beginning March 18, 2016 in Cincinnati, Ohio! Read our Top Ten Reasons for Attending ClickerExpo to get a sneak peak of our most exciting program to date. Fewer than 20 Early-Bird spots available, so Register Now!