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Bark Magazine: Clicker Training in the Spotlight

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The November 2006 issue of Bark magazine features a wonderful profile of Karen Pryor ("the maven of clicker training"). The piece is written by Boston writer Amy Sutherland, author of Kicked, Bitten, and Scratched.

Bark magazine is a high-profile publication, and we're delighted to have the spotlight shine on clicker training—and Karen too!


Karen with her dog Misha


"[Karen Pryor] has an easy, down-to-earth manner and isn't afraid to make mistakes when working a dog in front of an audience. She is also not one for mystique. If anything, Pryor is the anti-whisperer—she's taken the mystery our of dog training, showing that you don't have to be a natural or have a special aura. You just need a bit of science, a bit of operant conditioning. 'It's not magic,' Pryor says. 'It's just easy. Anyone with an IQ can do it.'"


The November issue of Bark is on newsstands now.

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