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Click for Joy! Questions and Answers

Click for Joy! Nominated for Maxwell Award

Melissa Alexander's Click for Joy!, published by KPCT in 2003, has been nominated for two awards by the prestigious Dog Writers Association of America.

Click for Joy! by Melissa Alexander Voted Best Training and Behavior Book for 2003

Click for Joy!, the question and answer book on clicker training, won the prestigious Maxwell Award for best book on behavior and training and also the DWAA's special award sponsored by Radio Systems for best training and behavior publication in book or other bound form.

Click for Joy! Foreword and Introduction

It was Karen Pryor who popularized the term and the practice of clicker training. Her 1985 book, Don't Shoot the Dog, captured the public's interest, and its appearance inadvertently led to a widespread assumption that clicker training was new. In fact, as Pryor herself explained in the introduction to her book, clicker training is based on the science and technology of operant conditioning and has been used since the 1940s.

About Melissa C. Alexander

During a Web search in 1998, she stumbled across clicker training and hasn't looked back since. Much of her early education came from the Internet, but as she began attending camps led by Bob and Marian Bailey, Sue Ailsby, and other positive trainers, she grew dissatisfied with mailing lists that frequently resorted to punishment to "fix" problem situations.

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