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Chapter 3: Will I have to use the clicker and treats forever?
My dog is afraid of the clicker! What do I do?
Chapter 4: My dog isn't interested in food... Can I still clicker train?
What if I can't offer a food treat...
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fear of fishing poles


My rescue collie mix is about 5 years old. Had her since she was about 9 mos. Don't know her early history. She's very obedient and loves to please.

For the past 4 years, she loved the dog park on the bay and fetched and had a lot of fun mingling with dogs and their people. Then, she spotted fishermen with their fishing poles and almost ran away. She had no negative encounters as far as I could tell but she absolutely freaked when she saw them and now, trembles if she's near them.

Upshot - she hates going to the dog park!

How can I use the clicker and desensitization techniques to help her tolerate the fisherman and reclaim her joy in fetching and playing at the dog park?


Pam and Lacey

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