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Click to Calm: Healing the Aggressive Dog

The Power of Ongoing Learning

Last month I wrote about some well-trained, problem-solving animals and the incredible things they accomplished on their own.

An Introduction to Emma Parsons’ New Book: Teaching the Reactive Dog Class

Editor’s note: One of the most common, yet also most challenging, behavior problems that dog trainers are asked to address is reactivity.

How to Help Your Fearful Dog: Become the Crazy Dog Lady

My two dogs and I were out for a walk one morning, enjoying the fresh air and the exercise. Mokie and Monte walked next to me with their tails wagging happily. They were probably laughing at me as I hummed along with my iPod. 

About three blocks away, a dog rounded the corner and began walking toward us. Despite Monte's full-body hackling, despite his rigid and tense body posture, and a deep, low, rumbling growl, I quietly told him what a good boy he was. I began shoving meatballs, liverwurst, and smoked Gouda into his large jaws at a rapid pace, creating as much distance as possible between the approaching dog and the three of us. I continued to feed Monte until the dog was out of sight, at which time the tasty treats disappeared back into the abyss of my faithful treat bag.

Energetic, Anxious, or Reactive Dog? Try the Calm-O-Meter Method

Wouldn't it be great if your dog came with a big dial on his or her back that told you exactly how anxious, frightened, or excitable he or she was? Wouldn't it be awesome if you could turn this dial and calm your dog?

Healing the Dog that Bites: An Interview with Emma Parsons

Aggression in dogs is one of the most common and most serious concerns for dog owners, and it is the primary reason dogs are euthanized.