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Positive Training, from Coast to Coast

Waltham, MA, February 22, 2006—Animal trainers veterinary professionals, shelter volunteers, and pet owners from around the country and beyond recently gathered in sunny Tucson, Arizona to attend ClickerExpo, the world's only clicker training conference. If you hailed from the northern climates, Tucson's temperatures were wonderful. If you were from the southern climes, perhaps it seemed a bit cool. But no matter where you were from, everyone agreed that CickerExpo was hot.

Champion Freestyle Duo to Perform Live in Newport, RI

Waltham, MA, January 18, 2006—The champion freestyle duo, Attila Szkukalek and his Border collie Fly, will perform their dazzling routines live at ClickerExpo in Newport, Rhode Island, on March 31, April 1, and April 2, 2006.

Positive Training Conference "Wows" Attendees

Waltham, MA, December 1, 2005 —ClickerExpo, the world's only clicker training conference, has just earned an unparalleled success rate. Most recently held in Minneapolis, MN, November 4-6, an unprecedented 99% of attendees who returned a survey reported that ClickerExpo Minneapolis "met expectations," "exceeded expectations," or was a "wow!" experience (the highest rating available).

Host a Clicker Training Seminar

Seminars featuring other top clicker trainers can be profitable, enhance your reputation as a top educational facility, and strengthen the bond with your customer.

Clicker Trainers Garner Honor and Awards at ABMA (Animal Behavior Management Alliance)

At the recent American Behavior Management Alliance conference, Karen Pryor delivered the keynote address on the history of clicker training, from its roots in B.F. Skinner's lab, to its practical applications, first in the hands of dolphin trainers up to the present day, and the remarkable advances achieved by dog and horse trainers, in the zoos and aquariums, and soon, on the fields of youth sports.