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Tank is not always a Saint, but he's learning.

Tank is dog-reactive.  He and I recently started going to classes at a local training club.  Their methods focus on traditional training.  I haven't found an instructor...yet...that is very knowledgeable of clicker training.  Since I know Tank is reactive and huge, I use a Gentle Leader.  This is against policy at this club.  (A picture of a choke "show" collar is in the logo.)  It has been my intention to go to classes to have somewhere to train and a plan to focus on.  I didn't realize they would not let me use my own methods.

When It All Comes Together...

Blending skills to help pets just make my day!

11-year-old LarryDog's Training This Week

Progress with LarryDog, an 11-year-old dog who knows the basics but has some quirks.