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Ditch the Mower, Rent a Goat

Why would anyone rent a goat?

When I was in college, my friends and I rented a house in Providence. That spring, a few of my roommates wanted a mascot for their new literary journal, the Philtrum Press, and they settled on a goat named Phil. Phil kept our backyard nicely mowed (and fertilized). We thought that Phil was great (our landlords did not), but it never occurred to us that we might turn Phil's voracious appetite into a business.

Snake! Snake! Oh, it's a Snake!

hyped dog is hyped ;-) see what I did there? (and other internet meme jokes)


Negative versus Positive Behaviors - Can you read them in your Birds body language?

It's not Click/Treat, it's Click THEN Treat! Mechanical skills for clicker trainers

From observing students in class, it is easy to see that new clicker trainers are often frustrated due to a lack of mechanical skills.  What follows is a discussion of the issue, along with a few fun ways to improve your skills as a clicker trainer.