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How Clicker Training Changed My Cat

I recently purchased your clicker training kit. My girlfriend and I have a two-year-old cat called Marmite, we had saved her from a farmer who didn't like cats. He told us the cats attack the piglets. She is quite a feisty little thing but has a loving nature.

Karen Pryor on Animal Planet Radio

Steve Dale, noted national pet columnist and radio personality, and Karen Pryor, with Steve's clicker-trained Devon Rex kitten Ringo.

Clicking with Cats in the Shelter Environment

With cats we need not use the clicker to 'train' the cat in the traditional sense; we can use it to enrich the cat's environment, to give it some control over its world, and if possible to widen its own perceptions of that world. We are communicating to the cat so the cat can learn healthy ways to communicate back.

Online Discussion with Karen Pryor: Clicker Training in the Shelter Environment II

Hi, everyone. Welcome again to our members from the first Discussion, and to our new members, thanks for joining us. Today we'll be continuing to talk about clicker training in the shelter environment. Since last time, I've visited and given clicker introduction workshops at several more shelters in New England, and I've had the pleasure of seeing how quickly a shelter can get involved. It doesn't require everyone's participation, just a few, to get things rolling. A handful of volunteers, and maybe one or two interested staff members, is enough to get those kennels quieted down, and start dogs and cats, and other people, learning to learn.

Online Discussion with Karen Pryor: Clicker Training in the Shelter Environment

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