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Managing the Treat-Free Competition Ring

Q: How do I move from food treats to praise only?

Will This Dog Hunt? Positively. A New Outdoorsman's Guide

For many outdoor enthusiasts and dog owners, hunting for sport or competing in field trials looks like a fun activity to enjoy with their dogs-but the traditional techniques for training great "gun dogs" involve shock collars, ear pinching, and other force-based methods, which can turn off even the most macho enthusiasts. But what if those methods weren't needed?

Blazing a New Trail: Training Gun Dogs

Dogs have assisted humans in hunting for sport since the Middle Ages. Today, many gun dog trainers are still using well-worn, ancient training techniques-traditional methods that often involve force and pain. As with any area of animal training, however, the impressive results of all-positive clicker training are clearing new territory.

Meet the Master of Freestyle: Attila Szkukalek

In his day job, Attila Szkukalek is a biochemist in Norwich, England. In his private life he's a husband, father, and dog training instructor. To the rest of us, Attila with his dog, Fly, is the best freestyle trainer and performer on the planet-UK freestyle champions that perform regularly at Crufts and throughout Europe. Attila and Fly's performances are a powerful ambassador for reinforcement-based training. Attila is also one of the newest members of the ClickerExpo faculty. We spoke to Attila recently about his career, and his success.

When Excited Becomes Rude

Emma Parsons, canine aggression expert, tells agility enthusiasts how to put clicker training to work to calm and focus their dogs during competition in Clean Run magazine: "When Excited Becomes Rude" (PDF).