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Our Latest Audiobook Raffle Winners: BlueHairBob and Diane Filler!

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Every month KPCT holds a raffle to reward our users for their contributions to Clickertraining.com. Our latest winners of the Don't Shoot the Dog audiobook in MP3 format are BlueHairBob and Diane Filler! Congratulations and thanks to you both!

Would you like to win your own copy of Don't Shoot the Dog, or other treats from KPCT? Just register here, contribute by commenting on stories, blogging, inviting your friends and more, and you'll earn clicks and treats! You'll also gain access to our entire training library, and be eligible for special member-only discounts, unadvertised specials and exclusive content.

Don't Shoot The Dog audiobook

Be sure to register to win. I was one of the lucky ones and maybe you will be, too. It is a great book.