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Toilet Trained Cats and Whales Giving Blood

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What is it about a toilet-trained cat that would attract more than one million views on YouTube.com? If you want to see this particular video click here. Be warned, this cat is doing a number 2 and he ain't shy about it!

Clicker trainers can smile smugly and say to themselves "I could train a cat to do that" - and of course, they could. A clicker trainer could probably train a pony to use a toilet should the need arise. Clicker trainers can and have trained Orcas to pee into a plastic cup to give their vet a sample.

All in all, toilet-training for cats is a very useful behavior. It saves a lot of work cleaning litter trays, cuts down on unwanted odours, and even reduces the risk of contracting toxoplasmosis. Even still, this would not account for one million views on YouTube. One wonders how many views footage of an Orca peeing into a cup would garner? A quick search on YouTube revealed that no such video exists, but this video does show an Orca having a blood sample taken. Not quite 1 million views though...

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More than a dream.....

Now you can learn how to toilet-train your cat, clicker style--right here at clickertraining.com! Here's the link: http://www.clickertraining.com/node/1265.