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From the first time I ever heard Karen Pryor use the term "clickerly" as an adjective, it stuck with me. And though there is no a simple definition for the term, I knew exactly what she meant. Once you have experienced clicker training, it changes you. I'm not sure why that is (though I know we'll soon have more information about the science), but I do know it has changed me.

In Karen Pryor Academy we do a really clickerly thing in the workshops. Each student takes turns showing and telling a behavior they've trained their dog at home. During the presentation, all the other students have a feedback form on which they record three things the student did well. Afterward, the presenter receives the other students' positive feedback. When I first heard about this I thought it was brilliant. And in the months since the Academy launched, I've heard from countless students and faculty what a wonderful exercise it is. This is a totally new experience for most. We're so used to being critiqued that standing there listening to things we did right can be a life-altering event!

Denise Lacey, moderator of the ClickerExpo e-mail group, has been an inspiration too. She has posted several messages about "clicking" people in our daily lives, and the responses (how people are taking this positive approach) have been amazing! 

So all this started me thinking about my own life, and how I might become more "clickerly" in my day-to-day routine. And once I started thinking about it, it's been hard to stop! So this is my New Year's resolution: to be more clickerly!

Gandhi was quoted as saying: Be the change you wish to see in the world. So I'm starting with me, and then who knows!

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Tia Guest is Program Director of Karen Pryor Academy, as well as a professional animal trainer.

Hi Dartmouth

You might also benefit from Patricia McConnell's DVD "Feeling Outnumbered." While McConnell doesn't use clicker training, I've found it easy to follow her suggestions using a clicker. She addresses many issues about living in a multiple-dog household. You can find the DVD through her web site:

Hi Dartmouth

There are two great packs available for you as a beginner - the dog training kit, and the dog training kit + ... the + version contains a DvD so if you can find that extra bit of cash, I think you will like it.
You find it here
Also Peggy Tillman's book Clicking with your dog is a great resource for the beginner, good illustrations, theories explained so they are easy to understand
If you go to you will find articles for all levels and you can find instructions on how to join the maillist, a lot of good trainers are there, and they are always helpful with advice for any specific questions you might have. is another website that I like a lot.
best of luck on your clicker journey!

Weimaraner Pups

I just got 2 Weimaraner Female Pups and look forward to your help on training them to each be they're own personality, basic commands and other commands. My interest is in clicker training and look to you to help me with a number of puppy issues that I can see developing such as the two fighting with each other at 10 weeks old. So please advise me on what I should purchase to get started. Thanks, Dartmouth