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Every Dog Deserves Its Day

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Each year, thousands of dogs are euthanized because owners reach the end of the leash in trying to correct behavior problems like aggression, reactivity, excessive barking and destructive behavior. With the wide range of resources available to owners today, as well as the growing number of positive dog trainers available who specialize in specific problem behaviors, such a final solution should rarely be needed.snout behind fence

In recognition of Animal Rights Awareness Week July 18-24, we would like to remind everyone that with the right training techniques most behavioral problems can be curbed or even eliminated. If you are a dog trainer, you are in a great position to help owners and their dogs. If you are a pet owner, find a dog trainer in your area. And don't forget to check out the plethora of helpful material available on our website, including terrific training and behavior books like Emma Parson's Click to Calm and Nan Arthur's Chill Out Fido! -- all on sale this month!

Every dog deserves a chance. Humane training methods that are based on positive reinforcement can not only save dogs’ lives, but can also help re-shape your dog into the kind of dog you can’t live without!

This is so sad.

It's so sad to hear that 1000s of dog are facing this every year.