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Clicker training a deaf pit bull?

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This wonderful story from Maryland goes to show how flexiible clicker training can be ...

[Sara] Borin developed sign commands using a combination of American Sign Language and common sense. When Ms. Borin places an index finger on her nose, that means "watch me." That command is helpful when she wants to teach Sage new commands or tricks.

"I'm teaching her to weave in and out of my legs as I walk," she said. "Because it looks cute."

Ms. Borin teaches dog training classes using a clicker method, and Sage's ears will twitch if Ms. Borin clicks the clicker right next to her ear. She feels the vibration of the clicker, Ms. Borin said.The Frederick News-Post

I've also heard of a dog

I've also heard of a dog trained via a remote controll 'buzz collar'... not a shock, just one that vibrates at the touch of a remote control button.

Very interested to read

Very interested to read about using the clicker close the deaf Pit Bull's ear so it feels the vibration.
We use a key ring light and call it 'flicker training' with any deaf dogs, we get the dog's attention to begin with by touching the dog's nose and when it looks, bring the hand to your own nose, 'flicking' the eye contact and rewarding with a treat as you would with the clicker, once the dog understands they are to look at you in order to get the flick and treat you have their undivided attention.
The biggest success we have is a boxer whose owner has put her through agility and who has a range of tricks and obedience exercises using the flicker and hand signals, she is also featured in a booklet we have had printed about clicker tricks.

The most important thing is to ensure people do NOT use laser lights but rather the little key ring lights.