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Karen Pryor Clicker Training Unveils National Training Center

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-13-Acre Working Ranch and Modern-Training Center Serves as Training Hub for Karen Pryor Clicker Training-

Waltham, Mass., June 1, 2017—Karen Pryor Clicker Training ((KPCT) today announced the launch of its brand-new Karen Pryor National Training Center (“The Ranch”), a 13-acre working ranch and state-of-the-art animal training facility located in the Seattle/Tacoma area in Washington.  The training center was unveiled at 1pm today via Facebook Live.

Directed by renowned trainer and KPCT Executive Vice President and Chief Training Officer Ken Ramirez, The Ranch offers both hands-on and classroom educational learning experiences involving immersive programming and resident animals. The resident ranch animals that students may work with include goats, miniature donkeys, dogs, and more.

Students may choose between three 5-day courses or three 2-day seminars, which begin in September of this year. Courses and Seminars available at The Ranch include:

  • The Ranch Experience (9/18/17 - 9/22/17, 10/23/17 - 10/27/17, 12/4/17 - 12/8/17, 1/8/18 - 1/12/18) - This immersive course combines five days of hands-on training sessions, training demonstrations, animal care, classroom learning, and professional advice from industry leader Ken Ramirez.

  • Dive Deep (12/11/17 - 12/15/17) - This advanced training course explores the concepts and skills needed most often, and understood or well-applied least often, in training environments—when training excellence is required to do the job.

  • Training for Professionals: Across Species (9/11/17 - 9/15/17, 2/5/18 - 2/9/18) - This course provides the knowledge needed to advance from a novice to a trusted, independent trainer. It includes comprehensive coverage of the concepts, principles, and practices—as well as animal-training sessions—each and every day.

  • Handling Problem Behavior & Mistakes: Humans & Animals Seminar (10/28/17 - 10/29/17) - This two-day seminar explores Ken’s systematic process and proven positive approach tackling the problems encountered with both animals and humans.  

  • Think Again: Perspectives & Practices for the Experienced Trainer (1/13/18 - 1/14/18) - In this two-day seminar, Ken looks at training through lenses that provide new perspectives on topics that may sound familiar, and  turn those perspectives into powerful training practices for inspired training.

  • Next Level Training (2/10/17 - 2/11/17) - This two-day  seminar explores four training areas that, when mastered, elevate a positive trainer’s game and open up new possibilities of interaction, skill development, and joy with animals. The four areas of focus include: training with non-food reinforcers, training scent discrimination, training that provides choice and control to animals, and training of concepts.

“This ranch has been a dream of mine for quite some time,” said Ken Ramirez.  “It’s a place to train, teach training, experiment, and learn in a relaxed and beautiful environment. I can’t wait for the first classes to start!”

Registration for courses and seminars at The Ranch opens Thursday, June 8 at 1pm (EDT)/10am (PDT). Spring and Summer 2018 course and seminar dates will be announced by September 13, 2017; registration for these courses will open October 12.  View the schedule or learn more about offerings at The Ranch at www.theranch.clickertraining.com.

About Karen Pryor Clicker Training

Karen Pryor Clicker Training (KPCT) is a leader in the field of animal training and a recognized world leader in the science and application of marker-based positive reinforcement, or what is often call “clicker training.” KPCT operates Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior, the ClickerExpo educational conferences, and its popular website, clickertraining.com. Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partners hold classes and work with pet owners and their dogs at more than 135 locations across the globe.


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