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Clicker Digest

Is the Clicker a Conditioned Reinforcer?

A primary reinforcer is a reinforcer that an animal is born needing such as food, water, shelter.

Training Levels

Want to train your dog but not sure what behaviors to teach? A new Web site offers a brilliant solution.

The New Face of Click-L

Click-L is the grandfather of all clicker training mailing lists. It was started in the mid-1990s by Kathleen Weaver, and has consistently been at the forefront of clicker lists since. Click-L has a new owner now, Kellie Snider, and its focus has evolved. Rather than being "just another general discussion list," the new Click-L focuses on the scientific side of clicker training.

Dealing with Aggression

What do you do when two friends become mortal enemies? That's what happened to a poster on the Cat-Clicker mailing list recently. She had two cats, an aging female and a young male, who had been, well, if not friends then friendly cohabitants, until the older cat had surgery. Now for the last several months, the owner has had to keep the cats separated because trouble starts quickly if the two are together.

Puppy Testing for Service Dogs

What can a prospective owner do to maximize his chance of selecting a puppy who will make a superb service dog candidate? That has been a lively topic of discussion on the OC-Assist-Dogs mailing list recently. Read on to see what they had to say.