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Trainer Interviews

Sue Ailsby's Tools for the Job: A Clicker and Patience

Sue Ailsby is a well-known and highly accomplished clicker trainer who has competed successfully with her dogs in just about every possible competition venue. She now gives clicker training seminars across Canada and the US. Sue has put years of clicker training wisdom into her online Book of Training Levels and has also posted a blog of her clicker training adventure with her service dog in training, Stitch, at www.dragonflyllama.com.

Blazing a New Trail: Training Gun Dogs

Dogs have assisted humans in hunting for sport since the Middle Ages. Today, many gun dog trainers are still using well-worn, ancient training techniques-traditional methods that often involve force and pain. As with any area of animal training, however, the impressive results of all-positive clicker training are clearing new territory.

Meet the Master of Freestyle: Attila Szkukalek

In his day job, Attila Szkukalek is a biochemist in Norwich, England. In his private life he's a husband, father, and dog training instructor. To the rest of us, Attila with his dog, Fly, is the best freestyle trainer and performer on the planet-UK freestyle champions that perform regularly at Crufts and throughout Europe. Attila and Fly's performances are a powerful ambassador for reinforcement-based training. Attila is also one of the newest members of the ClickerExpo faculty. We spoke to Attila recently about his career, and his success.

Lawyer Ditches Legal Briefs for Clicker: Meet Morgan Spector

We're proud to announce Morgan Spector as a new member of the outstanding ClickerExpo faculty. Morgan established Best Behavior Dog Training in 1995 to apply clicker training methods to competition obedience training. This work ultimately led to the writing of his popular book, Clicker Training for Obedience. We recently spoke with Morgan about his career and the status of clicker training today.

Cue the Lion, Please

We met Chris Davis at ClickerExpo Newport. Chris came to the conference looking for innovative ideas in working with his staff at A to Z Animal Management Consulting, www.zooconsulting.com, a company that provides training and consulting services worldwide. We spoke to Chris recently about his work and the success of his training company.