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Training Theory

Podcast: Are You Clicker Training, or Training with a Clicker?

Kathy Sdao is a top trainer and ClickerExpo faculty member. She began teaching people how to clicker train their dogs in 1996. “At that time, most pet owners had never heard of clicker training and few class instructors took it seriously. Mine was the only advertisement in the local Yellow Pages that mentioned the word ‘clicker.’ I had to persuade students to even try this novel gadget. A decade later, clickers are now common in dog training classes. But, I suggest, clicker training still is not. I do believe 'clicker training' is an unfortunate term for what we do.” Why? Listen to Kathy’s podcast and find out. Read the original article here.

Podcast: Click vs. Voice—an excerpt from ClickerExpo, a preview of Reaching the Animal Mind

This month's podcast is an excerpt from Karen Pryor's lecture Neuroscience and Clicker Training presented at this year's ClickerExpo. During the lecture Karen addresses many topics that she writes about in her new book Reaching the Animal Mind. One of the more popular topics, Click vs. Voice, is addressed in this podcast. Listen to the podcast to hear Karen present her research and results on this topic.

During the podcast Karen references the article by Lindsay Wood, Clicker Bridging Stimulus Efficacy. Click on the title of the article to read an abstract, or to link to the full article.

Clicker Bridging Stimulus Efficacy

By Lindsay Wood, MA, CTC. Abstract: Acquisition of a multiple component task, such as approaching and touching a target apparatus on cue, plays an important role in animal training and husbandry. Experimental training of two groups of 10 naïve dogs (Canis familiaris) to perform the target task differed only by the assigned bridging stimulus: a clicker or spoken word "good." Although both types of bridging stimuli are used in the training field to indicate the precise instance of correct behavior, this study represents the first systematic comparison of the efficacy of these two types of bridging stimuli.

Are You a Leader, or Just a Treat Dispenser?

Have you ever felt that you really have no leadership role in your relationship with your dog because your dog is just performing for food? You are not alone.

Is Dog Training Worth It? Click and Laugh

There's so much more, however, that a dog can learn. You may wonder if it's worth your time, energy, and money to continue your dog's education. We'll explore and answer this question using cost/benefit analysis.