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Karen's Letters

A Climate of Abundance

My friend and colleague Lynn Loar is a social worker specializing in families at risk for child abuse. In one of her programs, she brings several families together weekly for an evening of clicker training, using naïve shelter dogs. The families also play the shaping game with each other—adults clicking and treating children, children clicking and treating grownups—during the course of the session.

Click vs. Voice

The click means one thing only: "Bingo. You win."

It's like when you're waiting for a special call and you hear the phone ring. It's not the reward itself; it's just the clear-cut, simple message: "You got it."

The Dolphin Witch

Here's a Halloween story, one I did not put in my upcoming new book, about my personal experience with witchcraft.

Clicking Below the Surface

Last month I went out to Seattle to get to know Karen Pryor Academy's first class made up of international students exclusively: one from Hong Kong, two from Taiwan, two from Israel, one from Finland.

Revision and Real Life

I have been devoting a whole month to revising a key chapter in Reaching the Animal Mind, the chapter on neuroscience and clicker training. That means five hours a day of intense concentration at the computer, usually between 6:00 a.m. and noon.