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Where to Begin?

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There is so much to teach a dog, whether your dog is young or old. But, where to begin? There are the staples, or the foundation behaviors: sit, down, stay, come, etc. Do you need all of that or, maybe, do you need even more?

Two things will determine your training path—your dog's temperament and your goals. Is your dog shy and uncomfortable meeting new people or being in new situations? Do you want a house companion or do you want to compete with your dog? What skills are important to you?

Make a list of your goals and the behaviors required to meet those goals. Consider your dog's natural likes and dislikes, for they will need to be factored into your training. Share the goals with your trusted trainer who can guide you through a plan to meet the objectives. Having a plan will keep you on track. Remember to have fun along the way!

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