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Too Young to Train…Or Is He?

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Congratulations on your new Christmas puppy! He is just a baby. Everything he does is cute because he is so small. You realize he doesn't know what he is doing yet. But at what point will that change?

People tend not to train puppies. But one day, when the puppy is out of control and knocking down kids, those same people decide the puppy should know better. Puppy problems can be prevented by early training. Next time your puppy does something you think is too cute ask yourself, "Is this a behavior I want in my adult dog?" If the answer is no, then ignore the behavior. Instead, show your puppy attention when he is engaging in a more appropriate behavior.

Habits are easily created, but they can be just as easily prevented with a little thought. Set the expectations from the beginning—make life easier for you and your puppy!

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