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To Err Is Canine

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Training your dog is one of the activities that will enrich your bond the most, but it can also be very frustrating. Pet owners and trainers can see a behavior as just the final product, but each behavior is really made of many small parts that equal the end behavior. If you do not break the behavior down into its smallest components, or if you progress through the components too quickly, then mistakes happen. The dog is not able to put the pieces together—while the human partner may think the dog is just being stubborn and cannot learn.

Remember that errors are just information. You can take that information and alter the training. This may mean breaking down the steps further or moving slower. Filming can help give you objectivity. You can review what happened in your training session and avoid a reoccurrence of the same issues. How you handle the mistakes that are inevitable in training will define your relationship with your dog.

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