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Training your inner dolphin

A "Dolphin Trainer for a Day" program at the Texas State Aquarium offers the "mystical connection that seems to exist between dolphins and humans"--or just raw herring?

The dolphins at this aquarium are trained with operant conditioning, "and it works like a charm....negative reinforcement doesn't work....In the case of disobedience, the best response is just to ignore and then refocus."

Teaching CPR with a clicker

This is a fascinating story about a CPR self-training device that uses a clicker to mark when chest compressions are being done correctly, with fantastic results:

"They found that the home group learned CPR as effectively as those taking the full-fledged course," Cave said.

Zoo animals become artists, with operant conditioning

"At the Louisville Zoo, it's not art for art's sake; it's for the sake of the animals -- and, as often as not, their human keepers too.....Keepers bond with the animals -- even through something as abstract as art -- through operant conditioning, 'a training that really is a form of communicating with the animals,' said Diana DeVaughn, the zoo's media/promotions coordinator. 'It builds their trust' by forming an association between a behavior and a positive consequence."

New TAGteach News Blog and Yahoo! Group

We're very happy to announce that TAGteach now has their own TAGteach News Blog, with long-form articles as well as shorter pieces, pulling together lots of information on seminars, research and press while providing a new format for discovering new applications for TAGteach. Be sure to read up on what's new in positive training for human beings!

Dogs Behaving Badly - The Dispatch

This story on dog aggression from the Gilroy Dispatch is a great little piece on how aggression can be managed with positive reinforcement and clicker training, a topic that's of great interest to us here at KPCT. Emma Parsons, KPCT's Training Director, wrote Click to Calm: Healing the Aggressive Dog and gives Click to Calm seminars around the country. It's nice to see this idea that aggressive dogs don't need to be choked into submission, that there are positive ways to deal with this behavior, spreading in the press.

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