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Training a puppy ... on a Nintendo!

Nintendo has released an incredibly cute game named Nintendogs for their touch-screen enabled portable, Nintendo DS. In this game, you can train your dog or dogs to do everything from learn their name to compete in agility! And though I haven't played the game (yet!), from a newly-released video it looks like all the training is done through operant conditioning; dogs are given cues and reinforced with praise, petting and treats when they get the behavior right, and when they have learned the behavior, a light bulb goes off over their heads.

Lisa Clifton-Bumpass, APDT Outstanding Trainer of the Year Award Winner!

APDT press release: It is APDT's pleasure to announce Lisa Clifton-Bumpass has won the 2005 APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) Outstanding Trainer of the Year Award. The APDT offers yearly award contests because the organization feels very strongly about awarding and encouraging trainers and the animal community to the offer the very best to the animals and pets they love and respect. Lisa receives an all expense paid trip to the APDT 12th Educational Conference and Trade Show on September 14-18. She will benefit from the education and experience of world class trainers, ethologists, veterinarians, and scientists.

Premier to Sponsor ClickerExpo

Karen Pryor Clickertraining is pleased to announce that Premier Pet Products has become a sponsor of the 2005-2006 season of ClickerExpo, the training and educational seminar for dog and animial enthusiasts, professional trainers, veterinarians and behaviorists.

Clicker trained rats saving lives in Africa

The Telegraph: Rats are on the scent of Africa's landmines

Until now, removing mines has been the job of technicians with bomb-proof lorries and metal detectors. But metal detectors cannot trace mines made of wood or plastic or distinguish unexploded mines from shrapnel. Now scientists have shown that rats can be trained to be a safe, fast, reliable and cheap method of locating mines of all kinds, according to this month's issue of BBC Wildlife, published today.

Socializing horses and dogs on the trail with clicker training

Oakland: On the trails, horse sense for hounds Nancy Reiser holds "meet-and-greet" sessions for dog owners looking to socialize their dogs with horses at Redwood Regional Park in Oakland, CA:

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