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If you can, your toucan can...

This question came up recently on the AZA training list:

"Does anyone have experience handling/training Toucans? If so, or if you know of anyone could you e-mail me the contact name." Thank you-

Camp Gone to the Dogs -- NECN Video

Camp Gone to the Dogs is an agility dog training camp in Stowe, VT where you can spend a week with your dog weaving, jumping and learning. NECN (New England Cable News) just did a story on them, and you can watch it here.

Flipper the firing dolphin let loose by Katrina

From the British paper The Observer comes this story, the second on our blog about dolphins and Katrina:

How women are learning to control their men: operant conditioning!

From The Independent:
"Bring Your Husband to Heel is a new [BBC] six-part series which deals with a variety of problems such as how to motivate a man to do the washing up or pay more attention to you." Read the full article at:

New List for Clicker Horse Trainers

Here's a new e-list for horse trainers, hosted by Melissa Alexander, the author of Click for Joy and the highly experienced host of the Clicker Solutions list:

Beyond Basics: Equine Clicker Training

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