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Clicker-trained seizure alert dog offers hope of independence

Seizure alert dog offers hope of independence:

When Gracie picks up on the smell, largely imperceptible to humans, that Lindsay gives off before she seizes, the dog is to pull the cord on a small alarm that Lindsay wears on a belt. That's the signal for Lindsay to sit or lie down so that she won't hurt herself during a fall, and for adults nearby who hear the alarm to come to her aid. When Lindsay comes to, she snaps a metal clicker and gives Gracie doggie treats from the pink fanny pack she wears all the time - the signal, in dog language, that Gracie did a good job that she should repeat next time.

Labor Day Homage to Working Animals

From New York Newsday's column ANIMAL HOUSE:

Today the "job" of most companion animals is to be objects of affection. But animal behaviorists tell us what should be common sense: The more intelligent the creature, the greater its need for industriousness. Deprived of creative stimulation, birds pluck their own feathers, cats shred upholstery and dogs chomp expensive moldings.

The Payson Roundup: Setting goals for better behavior

The Payson Roundup has a nice article on dog training using the clicker that doesn't focus on the clicker itself as much as modifying behavior.

"Clicking with Canines" Press in Binghamton, NY

Steve Benjamin of Clicking with Canines sent us a great piece from the Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin that discusses clicker training in depth. Unfortunately, the newspaper's website archives all articles over 7 days, so I can't link directly to it, but here are some highlights:

Setting the dog training story straight in the local news

This story of clicker training in the news comes from a ClickerExpo attendee who, well, I'll let her describe it: Below is a link to an article which recently ran in our local paper. The catch is, although I am clicker trainer, clickers are not directly mentioned. I was responding to a previous article promoting Bark Busters and their philosophy stressing the importance of insuring your dominance over the dog. The article also stressed how it is so unnecessary to give your dog treats to get him to respond.

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