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Clicking with Your Dog: Step-by-Step

This book demonstrates over 100 clicker behaviors, all in easy step-by-step pictures. Even beginners can easily see how to use clicks and treats, instead of force and corrections, to teach a dog to:

Click for Joy: Publishers Note

If you're just starting out in clicker training, you've got lots of questions. And I bet I know what most of them are. They're the questions experienced clicker trainers and teachers hear over and over from clients, students, and friends… "Why can't I just use my voice?" "Will I always have to carry a clicker and treats?" "What if the dog doesn't do what I want?" "Help! My dog is afraid of the clicker!"

About Peggy Tillman

Peggy Tillman has had an extraordinary career, with her husband Barry Tillman, as one of the pioneers in the science of ergonomics: designing machines and environments so that they fit, physically and behaviorally, with human beings. They have authored two leading texts in the field, handbooks liberally laced with Peggy Tillman's computer drawings. Peggy's drawings-behaviorally sensitive, often truly beautiful, and always highly informative-are the heart of Clicking with your Dog.

Clicker Training a Narcotics Dog

"Write a short piece on training a narcotics detection dog using operant conditioning," said Karen Pryor. Easier said than done.

by Jane Sharp